We maintain a diverse array of digital tools to give us another angle with which to view consumer values, behavior and culture.

remote access™

we use innovative online methodologies when we need to be where our consumers are without necessarily being where our consumers are.

Remote Access™ Mobile, Remote Access™ Communities™ and Remote Access™ Groups give our clients multiple layers of interaction with the consumer: from a digital “fly on the wall” to full interaction with the consumer, no matter where he or she is located.  Live streaming, social media and semantic analysis (among others) helps us dig deeper into the digital lives of our consumer.

remote access™ mobile

A culturally in-tune way to follow consumers around using a specialized mobile app.

As Latino and multicultural consumers are spending more time online and are increasingly more dependent on mobile platforms to do so, we have designed a culturally-relevant methodology that takes into account the nuanced and often complex nature of the market place using the latest tools available.

remote access™ community

Online communities of discussion, chats, blogs, posts, videos, photos  to explore a theme at length with a like-minded community.

Communities can last three days or three months and can include upwards of 100 respondents who are guided through the interactions by a tenured, bicultural moderator.  Cultural Edge’s takes a culturally-specific approach to online communities ensuring clients get fresh insights from real consumers, and ensuring that the many nuances of the Hispanic and multicultural consumers are taken into account during the recruitment, engagement and analytical phases of the research.

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