numbers only tell a story if combined with a deeper understanding of the consumer.

metrics:cultural context

We believe that any competent researcher can report numbers, but to go deeper, you need cultural context.

Our quantitative analysts are extremely competent at designing and implementing culturally-correct research, but it is our deeper understanding of the multicultural consumer that differentiates us from your run-of-the-mill researcher.  Numbers tell a story, but without having a deeper, historical, cultural and marketing perspective, the story is incomplete.  Analysis of the consumer without this underlying expertise ends up being shallow and stereotypical and the resulting marketing and advertising misses the boat.


you can’t catch all the fish if you use the wrong kind of net.


Before cultural context comes into play, you need to design the study taking into account the nuances and idiosyncrasies of how multicultural consumers respond to research.

Quotas needs to be carefully designed, rigorously taking into account the many weaknesses of the various research modalities that often overrepresent or underrepresent sub groups within the market (such as bicultural and Spanish-dominant respondents). Questionnaires need to be designed taking into account response biases that differ from the mainstream consumer (scale perception, for example).  The translation of questionnaires is done in-house by experts in research but also experts in language and culture as not all questions translate exactly from the Spanish.  And, most importantly, we have built a solid network of culturally-competent data collection and sample providers who, over the past 13 years, have delivered again and again on our Hispanic and multicultural consumer needs.

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